Ode to Madness


I am not afraid.—————————————–You can do that for me just fine

Like God, I am not scared of my demons

I hold court for them too, once in a while

how do beings possessing Immortality fight?

| How is a war waged between entities whose death is unachievable? |

When the grim cold hands of sheoul does not decide victor from vanquished

Will you find peace?

If I told you peace meant giving up

Would you seek it?

“There’s another way!” Naive 1 said

“Stop thinking about unrealistic things” realist 2 said

Who is the sole arbiter of success?

Is the collective wisdom of humanity our only guide

More than the sum of its parts…. please…

Only as strong as your weakest individual, I say

At the end of the day even despair is a choice

Some can’t even afford that

Wait!. Listen to me!!!

This is not how it should end




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