Let me start from the beginning. I was thinking of crimes, I think. I was thinking of preservation, and how much we could do as a species to reduce the destruction of our planet. How this started? It’s a simple story, just a random occurrence really, I was at work and they brought in this newly ordered piece of equipment. It was a switchgear, complete with parts and other tools needed in its proper installation. What caught my eye though was the box it was contained in. It was a wooden box, it looked so processed and functional, and I couldn’t help wondering… are they going to dispose of this immediately after use? Is wood really so easy to come by? what tree gave it’s life just to hold a switchgear?

You can see how it led me here. Please note, I’m not really a nature lover, I’m just interested in efficiency and preservation. Let’s go back to my train of thought. It went along these lines, man is a crime. All living things are obviously involved in one form of destruction or the other, the fact that we level half a forest is really the same with that elephant that takes a couple of branches every now and then. What is different though, is moderation.

Both the elephant and the leveler possess the same thing, a need, and to fulfill that need an action is carried out. You should understand that if 500 elephants were to have only five sparse trees available as feed, they would devour it without conscience. What keeps this balance therefore, is the nature of nature (yes, I said it). The natural world performs checks on itself, mostly in the form of each living thing having a natural predator and each of those predators having elusive prey.

But you see, man has no natural predator. Even those other factors that serve to curb population and reduce the overall amount of our species need are constantly being circumvented in the name of progress, comfort, civilisation. So our numbers continue to exponentially increase, we’ve hit the seven billion mark and soon to supercede even that. The resulting need is enormous, even made more by our conceit, for we are not even satisfied to shelter ourselves in natural rock caves or trees, or in the shadow of some valley.

If then nature’s means of balance is thwarted every second, if the ones she ingeniously comes up with now and then, such as prevalent viruses and devastating natural disasters, then it could be said that man is an aberrant to the natural order. An aberrant to order is chaos. Man is chaos.

I invite you to look closer with me, what we call cities are really just vast concrete deserts with a paltry population of living things. What was formerly a noble act of a predator, known as the hunt is now mass murder, have you ever considered the amount of living things butchered every minute to satisfy all those stomachs, more so the fact that we eat virtually everything out there, even more so the fact that we eat sometimes not out of hunger but for fun?

Another set of evidence is in our nature, the inclination to grow tired of repeated form of existence, a term we call boredom. Leading us to seek a new form destruction not necessarily leaving the former behind. Also could be cited here is inherent conflicted existence, each and every one of us is a seething mass of clashing emotions and desires that it is a wonder we don’t just annex ourselves.

yes, man is continual chaos, a recurring crime. Do I advocate an end to that crime? No. The reason being that I have no idea of a viable solution. Am I going to suggest that the best 1 million if us be selected based on certain criteria and the rest commit mass suicide for the sake of the planet? No, too inhumane and besides I’ve got a feeling I won’t make the cut and I’m not as altruistic as that. Am I going to suggest we just randomly let nature weed us out, let natural selection decide? No, won’t work cause we’ll probably find a way to cheat that too.

The truth is this. To be human is to continually commit a planetry crime. But I’m okay with that, is it self preservation? Natural goodwill?, I don’t really care. I just love being a criminal.


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  1. adeboro says:

    Wow… My brain itches


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