Travails of love

Look at that, no, really look

Gaze upon this truly foolish specimen of futility

Clinging ever so precariously to the ever porous buckler of hope

Does he not know that crossbow bolts of reality care not for hide and wood

Off course he does

Deep down he possesses at least an awareness of facts

But then look how he rushes

Like a lemming

An unending will to impale self on that regenerating spire

Named expectation

What does he seek?, what does he want?, what drives him forth?

A desire

An end to this loneliness

And yes, there is only one word to describe him


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Continuum: True Bliss

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This story is a continuation (yes I realise the title pun), these are the links to the parts that precede this….. The first and the second

Seandar walked like a man stalked. There were reasons for this (as usual). One was that he was in reality being physically stalked, he could feel the stranger creeping in his wake. He had yet to catch a glimpse of its existence but the feeling curled around his spine in that ineffable way that one felt when one was being watched. Continue reading

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It is with a confusing mix of pride and modesty that I give life to what this post already means.


those three exclamation points aren’t even enough…. I’m just going to go ahead and add a few more.


I recently (if a month-plus counts as that) stumbled into a snaring snarling web of responsibility and uncertainty. I’ve got to admit also, that I was experiencing a block for a while (we’ve all had one). I’m so happy it’s over… but I have a few things taken my time now, and one of them is named survival. How hard is it to live all by yourself! I know right! I have to think of mundane things like food, *sigh*, i might have to pick up hunting.

Henceforth, it might be a little hard, I will assail the insurmountable odds my own indolence presents and create something once in a while, for myself, for you.


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Treaties on “chicken”

The “chicken” is one of the most contested topics in modern day society. Individuals find themselves mostly unable to define succinctly what “chicken” is, many choose to voice questions as regards the biological representation of the word and while the assumption is not totally incorrect, it isn’t what we mean when we say the “chicken”.

To examine this further, the mostly grounded avian livestock is usually found in domestic haunts and is used as a source of food by many organisms. The “chicken” topic we asked about, we are moderately sure, cannot be ingested physically. More so, any attempt to perform this act would leave the consumer in an otherwise comatose state.

While it may be a rare occurrence, some people of questionable sanity have raised the assertion that the “chicken” refers to a household pet. Even as we consider the direct implications, we understand that every singular being is allowed his/her own set of beliefs and preferences. Nevertheless, the “chicken” is NOT a household pet.

Somehow over the course of evolution, man has lost its cognizance of “chicken”, early archeological findings show that our prehistorical counterparts understood fully this lost concept. It could even be said that……..

Alright, this is a load of crap, I’ll admit. You didn’t come here to read this kind of crap, you’re here for the more riveting, juicy, laughter inducing, thought projecting kind.

And here it is…. Continue reading

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This Rock

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There was this rock. I came across it on a morning similar to any other. It was half my height and twice my weight, ask not how I was sure of this fact. Nevertheless, it was immovable. Somehow this stone was unique, it was different from any other I had come across before, and make no mistake, I had seen my share of awesome stones.

This stone was different only because it was. Continue reading

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Two Swords: Beliefs

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We are ever pulled

By hands unknown

To ring and scratch

The tale of two swords

One sword to defend

All possession of beliefs

One sword to attack

Beliefs possessed otherwise

The battle never ending

The ring of steel on steel

Each clang justified with a myriad reasons

Each missed slash opening up a new wound

and these two swords

Ever sharp and ever eager

Drag to a finality

The wielders called humanity

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Dreaming of…..

I awoke to the familiar bleating sound, I wonder if I slept at all; it seemed I’d been awake the entire time. Standing up from the bed, trying to dislodge from my head frantic thoughts about the night’s dream, it had been too real….

Walk to the bathroom after taking a few moments to gather the scattered fragments of my consciousness and succeed at creating a patchwork awareness of sorts. As usual, I spend an inordinate amount of time doing nothing, I catch myself just staring at the toothbrush, standing whole minutes motionless as water drapes over me, something’s wrong.

Unfortunately, there’s no time to fully investigate this feeling, I have to dance the tune of habit, all preparations at the allocated time, no empty slots to fill up with worry. I finish and discover I still can’t shake the feeling, if anything it’s growing stronger with the lack of attention.

And so it builds, throughout the day, past the bus ride, permeating my work activities, seeping into the evening….. till it’s all I can do just taking a breath in and out, I’m drowning, I can feel it building to a zenith. Continue reading

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So I woke up today bursting with so many short snips of randomness, I’ve decided to share….

Everything worth fighting for is won without fighting” – Trull sengar, I think.. midnight tides, fourth in the malazan book of the fallen.

and so he told me “he brings with him peace….the peace of the sword….the sword of death, you must accept!!! You must accept!!!”. So I dismembered him.

Lies are a blessing only to those who are continually privileged with cold truths, that is why I cherish the cast of illusions.

The unaligned only know solitude, their only power is one of surprise…. baring that, they are nothing.

Unlike most things, too much despair is a good thing, it brings in its wake desensitization. The ability to laugh at ones own misfortune becomes a valued virtue, eventually.

a kind of fruit from the tree of the mind

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Writing out Realities

So….., I’ve been thinking, anyone who says the moving picture entertainment products are more…. wait, who calls them that anyways, I’ll start again. Anyone who thinks or says that movies are more expressive or flexible than books has obviously not read anything yet.

I’ll give some examples to back my point here… apart from the obvious, off course.

In writing, how, to be exact, something is put, determines the way you see it, and as self explanatory as that is, you’d be surprised how subtle it could be. Let’s say in the description of a particular male character, after stating the more meaningful hair colour…complexion..blah blah blah, something like Continue reading

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A Drill ‘ s thought (No underlying message!!)

I wish you’d just let me beat you

You wish I wasn’t exactly what I am

But we both know what scares us most….

Your inevitable surrender

I would hit you like a storm

An avalanche of destruction preceding creation

Submerging past memories under debris of sand, stone and root

Releasing all your incumbent demons into my arms

Where I’d become what I was born for

To be conqueror

You’d see me exiling those doubts to paths unseen and forgotten

Freeing you….

To let me in

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