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What next…

For the first time in forever

I’m not sure what to do with myself

I’ve wanted this for so long

So much that I can’t remember a time that I didn’t

And now it’s here.

I’ve got no more diabolical schemes

There’s no more need for insidious plans

What do you strive for when you have everything?

Do you reminisce about the past?

What i do is self sabotage

Which is highly illogical in its own right

Truly, I don’t know how to be content

Truly, I don’t want to be content

I fear it breeds complacency… The bastard beget of boredom

And where does that leave me?


I’ll have to do what I do best

I’ll just have to want more…

Of you.

(back to the drawing board then…)

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Two Swords: Beliefs

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We are ever pulled

By hands unknown

To ring and scratch

The tale of two swords

One sword to defend

All possession of beliefs

One sword to attack

Beliefs possessed otherwise

The battle never ending

The ring of steel on steel

Each clang justified with a myriad reasons

Each missed slash opening up a new wound

and these two swords

Ever sharp and ever eager

Drag to a finality

The wielders called humanity

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