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Mire of the Tortured, Tantalus; part 2

How he could acquire such a delicacy was a quite the dilemma, it’s not as if there were any gods randomly strolling through tatarus, the only ones that came through here didn’t feel like they’d taste well anyway…

what would he even say, “oh, Hades, Lord of the underworld, shepherd of restless souls, arbiter and judge eternal, master of the dead, keeper of the gates of tatarus…. I would ask thee of a slice of thine divine finger, if its not too inconvinient, for it is delicious in mine sight”

He’d just get his sentence extended, not that there could be any extentions to eternal.

Or he could make it worse, he thought about that for a second.

He knew each of the gods had chipped in for this most special of punishments Continue reading

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Mire of the Tortured, Tantalus; part 1

The air was cool and gentle… like spring water on the tongue,  ah… Water, he  remembered the taste of that. Thirst was the least in a long list of lack plaguing him, a need he didn’t have the luxury of filling. tantalus

Then there was the hunger, he’d long resolved that every being was comprised of four parts, the spirit, the mind, the body and hunger. What other explanation would there be for this everlasting sinking feeling?

Hunger as twisted as the old roots of an ancient tree wrapped around another ancient tree’s gnarled roots, hunger as deep as a sink hole created by a dried up river…. ah, there it was again… water…

He was knee deep in it

If he concentrated well enough, he could feel the it sloshing around his legs, the thirst returned with a Continue reading

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Treaties on “chicken”

The “chicken” is one of the most contested topics in modern day society. Individuals find themselves mostly unable to define succinctly what “chicken” is, many choose to voice questions as regards the biological representation of the word and while the assumption is not totally incorrect, it isn’t what we mean when we say the “chicken”.

To examine this further, the mostly grounded avian livestock is usually found in domestic haunts and is used as a source of food by many organisms. The “chicken” topic we asked about, we are moderately sure, cannot be ingested physically. More so, any attempt to perform this act would leave the consumer in an otherwise comatose state.

While it may be a rare occurrence, some people of questionable sanity have raised the assertion that the “chicken” refers to a household pet. Even as we consider the direct implications, we understand that every singular being is allowed his/her own set of beliefs and preferences. Nevertheless, the “chicken” is NOT a household pet.

Somehow over the course of evolution, man has lost its cognizance of “chicken”, early archeological findings show that our prehistorical counterparts understood fully this lost concept. It could even be said that……..

Alright, this is a load of crap, I’ll admit. You didn’t come here to read this kind of crap, you’re here for the more riveting, juicy, laughter inducing, thought projecting kind.

And here it is…. Continue reading

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Continuum: Seandar


This tale is set in the land of Erathil, particularly in a small village located on the north eastern, unexplored, outlying borders of the Orl Empire. (This particular info should be considered useless, in relation to the rest of the tale) Continue reading

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