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I wonder what thoughts move behind your eyes when our gazes meet…

I wonder at every twinkling, every fraction of your eyebrow as it arches…

I wonder if you still take out the letter I wrote to you, its sheets worn with its frequent opening and repackaging…

I wonder if my written words run through your mind, every implied meaning considered and analyzed…

I wonder if you threw it away moments after you finished reading it…

I wonder how you feel about my silence….

I wonder when my words will reach you, and what they’ll be…

I wonder at the question in your eyes every time I pass by…

I wonder how close you are to him and whether those words, when finally uttered, will be enough to steal away all your attention…

I wonder why you seem so caring recently…

I wonder at each extended hug, each display of prolonged attention…

I wonder what to get you for your birthday…

I wonder at how I feel about your silence…

I wonder what tale you’ve woven for me out of the little you’ve heard…

I wonder if in your stories, I’m a legend, a loser, a Casanova, a coward, a hero or a halfwit….

I wonder if you mean it what you say when you said you’d changed…

I wonder why you want me now…

I wonder why I still even care…

I wonder if you would always be my always….

Wistful tirade

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Love Unrequited

Have you ever felt it?

It begins as a silent shock deep within your chest

It just sits there, growing…

Reminding you of what you would never have

Screaming silently at the injustice of it all

And all the while

You’d try to understand why it wasn’t enough

Try to think of what you could do to change it

It’s a beautiful feeling, really

Both the the intense immediate pain

And the enduring despair afterwards

For a time it bestows upon your heart impenetrable armour

You can’t harm what’s already destroyed

For a season it warps space and time

No thoughts or actions  can escape the gravity of the void

The emptiness created

When you rip out your heart

intending an exchange

And find only dust

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Travails of love

Look at that, no, really look

Gaze upon this truly foolish specimen of futility

Clinging ever so precariously to the ever porous buckler of hope

Does he not know that crossbow bolts of reality care not for hide and wood

Off course he does

Deep down he possesses at least an awareness of facts

But then look how he rushes

Like a lemming

An unending will to impale self on that regenerating spire

Named expectation

What does he seek?, what does he want?, what drives him forth?

A desire

An end to this loneliness

And yes, there is only one word to describe him


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Two Swords: Beliefs

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We are ever pulled

By hands unknown

To ring and scratch

The tale of two swords

One sword to defend

All possession of beliefs

One sword to attack

Beliefs possessed otherwise

The battle never ending

The ring of steel on steel

Each clang justified with a myriad reasons

Each missed slash opening up a new wound

and these two swords

Ever sharp and ever eager

Drag to a finality

The wielders called humanity

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A Drill ‘ s thought (No underlying message!!)

I wish you’d just let me beat you

You wish I wasn’t exactly what I am

But we both know what scares us most….

Your inevitable surrender

I would hit you like a storm

An avalanche of destruction preceding creation

Submerging past memories under debris of sand, stone and root

Releasing all your incumbent demons into my arms

Where I’d become what I was born for

To be conqueror

You’d see me exiling those doubts to paths unseen and forgotten

Freeing you….

To let me in

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“There are too many of us”


“Let me tell you the most beautiful story I know.

A man was given a dog, which he loved very much.

The dog went with him everywhere,

but the man could not teach it to do anything useful. Continue reading

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Let’s take a trip down to the realm of my darkest thoughts

where fears and cruelties run wild with depravity

Fraught with repressed wrath and dismissed evils

Teeming with questions too insane to mouth

Continue reading

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My Alarm: Dissatisfaction

Today I awoke to the compelling sound of dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction warning of impending irresponsibility

The irresponsibility of being caught late

It’s a chilling sound

Dissatisfaction cares not for my state of rest

No hesitation in its persistent chiming

Dissatisfaction haunts me in its apparent absence

My bones echo the hideous tune all day

I’ve planned its well-earned demise so many times

Different ways under different formats

But I know I need dissatisfaction

And in that knowledge dissatisfaction is satisfied

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